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Our current credit environment in todays economy, has many traditional bankers unable to fulfill all the financing needs of their clients. Many times it is because of the clients challenging credit situation that may not reach the banks required level, however sometimes its just a simple matter of it not being a good fit for your particular bank.

Either way, as a commercial lender, you do not want to lose your relationship with your client due to a more aggressive bank that will take a bigger or unnecessary risk. That is where we can help. Alternative Financing Services has worked with hundreds of banks, both local and nationwide, to help solve the business's financial issue and let you retain them as your customer.

Our goal is to work with your client on the specific loan situation at hand, as to help them with a short term financing problem and allowing them to continue as your client, and hopefully move back to a more traditional bankable business for you and your bank.

We can work with and help most any type of business with many types of loans and financing, including - Working Capital Loans, A/R Factoring, Debt Consolidation loans, Real Estate Financing, Big Truck/Construction equipment financing, Business Acquisition Loans, Fix & Flip Loans for Real Estate Investors, and much more.

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